we do:

-laser etching
-deep engraving
-custom images
-part serializing

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See 704 Tactical’s YouTube review of our 9mm Harbinger Pistol:

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laser perfect etchings

Established in 2015, Etched Ordnance is a licensed Firearms Manufacturer offering laser engraving services to different industries from firearms, aerospace, medical, automotive, and custom personal items. 

Our AR platforms:

Etched Ordnance offers custom AR platform rifles and pistols in the following calibers – 5.56 NATO/.223 Wylde , 300 BLK, 6.5 Grendel. We have Pre-built rifles/pistols or we can custom built to fit your needs.

Our 9mm Harbinger:

The Harbinger is the newest addition to our firearms line up. It incorporates Glock Pattern AR lowers and the 9mm (9×19) Parabellum cartridge. Barrel Length for our standard builds – 4inch, 5.25inch, and 5.5inch; however, we can custom build a Harbinger to fit your build requirements.

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pride in each service

laser etching/deep engraving

Ultra precision laser etching/deep engraving to your specifications.  We can etch metals, anodizing, polymers and plastics.

artwork/logo design

We can create custom artwork to your exact specification to fit your firearm or other object.

custom gun builds

Top tier custom weapon builds created with the best parts the gun industry has to offer.

gun accessories/knives

Need an optic for your rifle? Custom laser etched knife? We can do that for you at competitive prices.